Silicon Valley

Podcast: From startup reporter to startup founder

Dan talks with Evelyn Rusli about her transition from being a top Silicon Valley business reporter to co-founder of a fresh baby food startup called Yumi, and the things she knows now that she wishes she'd known then.

  • Plus, takeaways from the Google hearing on Capitol Hill and news on Uber's upcoming IPO. All in just 10 minutes.

The end of Moore's law in Silicon Valley

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS/Getty Images

Silicon Valley was born in name and need from the most important chemical ingredient (silicon) in the microchip. And no law has ruled the Valley more profoundly than Moore’s law, which holds that you can double the power of microchips — and therefore the processing power of computers — every two years. 

The big picture: The Economist warns the law is dying. 

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