Report: Trump admin. to limit detention of migrants to prevent overcrowding

Border Patrol agent takes Central American immigrants into custody.
Border Patrol agent takes Central American immigrants into custody. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Under a new policy going into effect this week, the Trump administration plans to stop detaining some some migrant families that crossed the border illegally in Texas' Rio Grande Valley, according to a Wall Street Journal report late Tuesday.

Details: Citing crowding and safety concerns, government officials allegedly said that some migrant families will be processed by Border Patrol agents rather than being shuffled to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to face possible lengthy detentions. They would then be released and required to make appearances for deportation or asylum cases. As the WSJ notes, "The policy change runs counter to President Trump’s repeated pledge to end what he called 'catch-and-release' at the border in favor of 'catch-and-detain.'"

Supreme Court rules government can detain convicted immigrants years after release

Supreme Court
Supreme Court. Photo: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

The Supreme Court handed a win to the Trump administration Tuesday, ruling 5-4 that the government can detain convicted immigrants who have completed their sentence and are awaiting deportation, even years after they have been released from jail or prison, CNN reports.

Details: The ruling reversed a lower court decision that required the government to immediately detain immigrants released from criminal custody, rather than wait months or years. The court's conservative justices argued that limited government resources and other factors make it difficult to do so.

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