Hurricane Michael

Florida makes it easier to vote in counties hit by Hurricane Michael

Rick Scott
Rick Scott. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced Thursday that the eight counties hit hardest by Hurricane Michael will have the ability to start and end their early voting periods beyond state deadlines and make it easier for citizens to vote by mail.

Flashback: Florida Democrats filed an injunction last week requesting an extension on voter registration by at least a week, but Scott only granted an extension for a single day.

Hurricane Michael's death toll keeps rising as scale of damage is revealed

Boats damaged by Hurricane Michael
Boats damaged by Hurricane Michael. Photo: Mark Wallhesier/Getty Images

Hurricane Michael was one of the strongest hurricanes in U.S. history, slamming the Florida Panhandle and completely altering the landscape — particularly between Panama City and Apalachicola.

The impact: The hurricane's death toll reached 17 on Friday, CNN reports. Satellite images from the storm show winds were strong enough to rip homes out of their foundations and demolish structures completely. Rescue helicopters with first responders were searching through what remains of Mexico Beach pier.

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