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UN climate summit stymied by U.S.-backed wording dispute

 Protesters in Katowice, which is hosting the UN climate conference.
Protesters in Katowice, Poland, the host city of the UN climate conference. Photo: Sadak Souici/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

A UN climate summit in Poland was thrown into disarray this weekend after the U.S. joined Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in refusing to "welcome" a recent landmark UN report on climate change, reports AP.

Why it matters, per Axios science editor Andrew Freedman: In the climate talks, individual words can take on outsized importance. The United States' alignment with the countries is striking as it illustrates the extent to which the country has moved away from its leadership position on this issue, and is actually helping to slow progress in the talks.

France on fire: 125,000 were at it again yesterday

This is a fire in Paris
Photo: HUBY / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The French "yellow jackets" were at it again Saturday, but with less steam after president Emmanuel Macron suspended a new tax on fuel that was scheduled to start in January.

By the numbers, per the BBC: Roughly 125,000 people marched on Saturday. More than 1,700 were arrested. "Nearly 90,000 officers had been deployed, including 8,000 in Paris... Around 10,000 people demonstrated in the capital, where the scenes were the most destructive."

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