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Stocks soar 9% as Congress nears coronavirus stimulus deal

Photo: Luiz Roberto Lima-ANB/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Stocks closed up more than 9% on Tuesday, marking yet another day of huge moves in the stock market amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Driving the news: Congressional leaders signaled that they're close to striking a deal on a massive stimulus package that will soften the blow for businesses and consumers as the pandemic threatens an unprecedented halt in economic activity.

By the numbers: The S&P 500 jumped 9.3%. The Dow rose 11.2% (or 2,112 points), while the Nasdaq climbed 8.1%.

  • It was the Dow's biggest percentage gain since 1933.

What to watch: President Trump told Fox News he would like to have the country "opened up, and just raring to go" by Easter, which is less than 3 weeks away. Economists warn restarting economic activity before the coronavirus is contained would be more harmful for the economy in the long-run.

  • "Trying and failing to reopen the economy before economic activity is organically ready to resume could have dire economic consequences," Michael Strain, an economist at right-leaning think tank AEI, wrote in a Bloomberg op-ed today.

Of note: One of the first economic data points since the economy shuttered in response to the coronavirus was released this morning. As expected, it wasn't pretty.

  • Indices measuring activity in the U.S. manufacturing and service sectors fell to the lowest level since 2008.
  • For the eurozone, the index saw the worst reading ever in the survey's 22-year history.

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Surgeon general: This week will be "Pearl Harbor" or "9/11 moment" in U.S.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said on "Fox News Sunday" that the next week will be "the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans' lives" — calling it our "our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment" — as the projected death toll from the coronavirus pandemic surges.

Why it matters: Unlike those tragedies, Adams emphasized that the direct effects of the coronavirus will not be "localized" and that it will be happening "all over the country." But he also stressed that the public has the "power to change the trajectory of this epidemic" by following social distancing and other public health guidelines.

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Scoop: Inside the epic White House fight over hydroxychloroquine

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The White House coronavirus task force had its biggest fight yet on Saturday, pitting economic adviser Peter Navarro against infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci. At issue: How enthusiastically should the White House tout the prospects of an antimalarial drug to fight COVID-19?

Behind the scenes: This drama erupted into an epic Situation Room showdown. Trump's coronavirus task force gathered in the White House Situation Room on Saturday at about 1:30pm, according to four sources familiar with the conversation. Vice President Mike Pence sat at the head of the table.

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Virus vices take a toll on Americans

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Americans are doubling down on their worst habits to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why it matters: The pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on the health of the American people, in part due to the habits they'll pick up during the weeks and months they're forced to stay home.

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