Snap's stock plummets after missing earnings goals

Rebecca Zisser / Axios

Snap revealed yesterday that it missed Wall Street estimates on revenue, earnings and user growth in its first earnings report to investors since going public in March. While the self-proclaimed camera company saw enormous (but expected) advertising growth, its burn rate nearly doubled from last year's first quarter, weakening its case for eventual profitability. Executives also faced numerous questions from investors concerned about ways Facebook's copycat features may have impacted its sluggish user growth.

Why it matters: Snap's pitch to investors when it went public was that, although it wouldn't be profitable this quarter, user growth and investments in ad technology would bring profitability in the foreseeable future. Based on reactions to its first earnings call, investors aren't confident. Shares were down nearly 25% after trading Wednesday to roughly $17.5 per share, negating any growth it experienced after going public at $17 per share in March.