Mar 21, 2020 - Health

Podcast: Social distancing done right

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Podcast: The plan to save America

The White House yesterday proposed a $1 trillion stimulus package, for both businesses and individuals, to stem economic pain caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Dan and Axios' Alayna Treene discuss what's on the table and if it could become law.

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Pro Rata's got (more) kid jokes

Illustration: Axios Visuals

Last week, I asked Axios Pro Rata newsletter readers to help build a joke-book for our kids to read, as we try to balance working from home with childcare/makeshift school.

But the jokes kept coming after we posted the original set, so here's a sequel.

Podcast: Inside Trump's coronavirus timeline

President Trump pledged to reopen the U.S. economy by Easter, a date that most medical experts agree is too soon to effectively contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Dan digs into the backstory and what comes next with Axios' Jonathan Swan.

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