Jul 16, 2019

Peter Thiel: Elizabeth Warren is the most dangerous Democratic candidate

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Peter Thiel, a billionaire investor and Trump supporter, told Fox News' "'Tucker Carlson Tonight" Monday of his concerns about 2020 Democratic candidates, saying he's "most scared" of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as she's "talking about the economy."

"Almost all the others are equally unimpressive in the sense that it’s all identity politics of one flavor or another, and I wouldn’t want to rank how unimpressive they are, since that would be forcing me to rank the different identities and which one’s more privileged and more special ... But I think Elizabeth Warren’s the dangerous one."

The big picture: Warren has outlined a plan for "economic patriotism" that leans on green manufacturing and industrial policy for clean energy, which she says is about "creating and "defending good American jobs."

  • A Warren policy that's very relevant to Facebook board member Thiel is her proposal to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon. She's pledged to prohibit companies with more than $25 billion in revenue from acting as operators and users of a platform and installing regulators to break up already-closed mergers.
  • Warren has also proposed a 2% tax on wealth exceeding $50 million and a 3% tax on wealth above $1 billion. And she plans to introduce a 7% tax on companies' profits over $100 million if elected in 2020.

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Thiel's Google charge opens new line of attack on tech

Peter Thiel. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Investor Peter Thiel's charge Sunday that Google is in bed with China apparently wasn't a one-off attack. It's increasingly looking like the first shot on a new front in the war between Trump's Washington and Silicon Valley.

Why it matters: Tech companies are already defending themselves against charges of privacy invasion, political bias and monopoly power. Now, they're being accused of being unpatriotic — and even treasonous.

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Trump says administration "will take a look" at Peter Thiel's Google allegations

President Trump tweeted Tuesday that his administration "will take a look" at billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel's statement over the weekend that Google should be federally investigated for allegedly aiding the Chinese military.

Why it matters, per Axios' David McCabe: Thiel is the tech industry's highest-profile Trump supporter, and one of the most powerful players in Silicon Valley.

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Debate night: Warren and Sanders vs. the moderates

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders joined forces to back Medicare for All, decriminalizing immigration, a trade policy that favors working Americans, and the Green New Deal proposal at Tuesday's Democratic debate, as Warren denounced former Rep. John Delaney and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper of using "Republican talking points."

Why it matters: Tuesday's debate underscored the field's divide, as progressives Warren and Sanders set themselves against the rest of the Democratic candidates, many of whom support more moderate health care policies like a public option or an expansion of the Affordable Care Act. They also disagreed with Warren and Sanders on immigration, trade, and taking on President Donald Trump in the general election.

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