Oct 13, 2019

Powerful wintry snowstorm dumps 2 feet of snow across Northern Plains

A powerful early season snowstorm closed roads, as it continued to pummel the Northern Plains with blizzard conditions Saturday. Parts of the plains were hit by more than 2 feet of snow, and 3-10 inches were set to fall overnight, ABC News reports.

What they're saying: The National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center said, "Estimated observed snowfall over the past 72 hours depicts a rather large swath of 18-30 inches across portions of north central and northeast North Dakota." Forecasters warn some areas were set for the season's coldest night, with temperatures as low as 26 degrees expected overnight.

The big picture: By Saturday afternoon, up to 30 inches of snow had fallen in Harvey, while 28 inches was dumped on Devils Lake in North Dakota; Lead and Rapid City were the worst hit in South Dakota, with 14.5 and 14.3 inches falling, respectively.

  • Potentially life-threatening blowing snow was expected to make roads in the region impassable, especially in central and northern North Dakota, per the weather service.
  • Wind gusts would reach 60 mph, per the ABC.
  • Overnight temperatures were set to plunge to 26 degrees in Bassett and Bartlett, the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls said.
  • Blizzard and winter storm warnings were beginning to expire across central North Dakota Saturday evening, but winter weather advisories were in effect across northeast South Dakota.
  • Roads were closed in the region Friday through Saturday, including Interstate 29, Highway 2 and Interstate 94, per the Grand Forks Herald, with secondary state highways in the Devils Lake area "deemed impassable and blocked because of heavy snow and whiteout conditions," the news outlet reports.
In photos: Snowstorm pummels the Northern Plains

Editor's note: This article has been updated with the latest details on the weather conditions.

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Snow storm strikes the Midwest

A snowstorm traveling from the west unloaded on Chicago Thursday, breaking a 96-year-old record of heavy snow, wind and cold temperatures, AccuWeather reports.

The big picture: The storm traveled northeast from eastern Iowa and southern Wisconsin to northern Michigan where the total forecast is an average between 3–6 inches. Some areas surrounding Chicago picked up 2–3 inches of snow earlier this week, according to the National Weather Service.

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Early blizzard demolishes harvests already threatened by spring floods

After delaying planting in spring due to widespread floods throughout the Midwest, farmers are now hoping to recover from yet another obstacle: an early blizzard, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The big picture: Historic flooding in the spring led farmers to delay plantings due to drenched fields. An uncharacteristically early blizzard in northern states in recent days has only amplified the race to harvest, with farmers scrambling to pull their crops before they freeze.

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Rain and snow take toll on farmers in grain belt

Photo: Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The northern grain belt states are dealing with high rainfall and a snowstorm, delaying their harvest, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: Farmers in North Dakota and Minnesota have been hit the hardest by the U.S.-China trade war because they rely on exports to Asia, according to Reuters. Those states are seeing some of the worst delays in corn and soybean harvests.

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