Jun 6, 2017

Axios PM

White House braces for Comey

The White House heads into Thurday's Comey Bowl with acute unease, and no clear plan for dealing with the direct or collateral damage.

In Washington's frantic countdown to Comey, here's what we learned since your morning coffee:

  • Comey isn't expected to say Trump obstructed justice, per ABC News.
  • Trump's message to Comey on Thursday's hearing: "I wish him luck."
  • Trump's schedule during Comey: A speech to religious conservatives, and potential tweeting.
What you missed
  1. Uber firings: The ride-sharing giant told employees today that it's fired 20 people in connection with workplace complaints. We're still waiting on Holder's report.
  2. Go deeper on the NSA leak: How the FBI got to Reality Winner, the alleged leaker of the NSA's report on Russia hacks. Timeline.
  3. Spicer makes it official: Yes, the President's tweets are official statements from the president. Highlights.
  4. Trump's 2-week timeline: There's a pattern to the president's announcements on big policy initiative. Details.
  5. Skilled workers wanted: More evidence of America's need for more highly skilled workers. Chart.
1 new thing

How will people be affected by the new world of robots, artificial intelligence and automation? This video from our new Future of Work stream is worth the click.