Jul 31, 2017

Axios PM

Scaramucci out

Just 10 days after he got a job offer from President Trump, Anthony Scaramucci is out as White House communications director.

The instant readout and reaction from the White House, from Axios' intrepid Jonathan Swan:

What it means, per an administration source: "This was Trump saying to Kelly... 'You have the ball. You make the staff decisions.' In order to assert his authority over the staff, this had to be Kelly's move.'"An administration official compared Scaramucci to the "Mr. Wolf" of the administration, the character from Pulp Fiction who solves problems. Jared and Ivanka brought in Scaramucci as an instrument of destruction against Reince Priebus, according to multiple sources. Remember this: Trump's first reaction to the Scaramucci phone call with The New Yorker was amusement. As Trump saw the negative coverage pile up, he started to get angry. By the next day, he was joking about Mooch, saying things like "What am I going to do with this guy? He's crazy."Go deeper: Swan dives into the story. ... Even deeper: A timeline of Mooch's tenure.

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