Jun 28, 2019

Axios PM

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1 big thing: On the ground in Homestead

The view that most activists get into the Homeland, Fla. migrant detention facility. Photo: Alexi McCammond/Axios

In the blaring sun, at least nine Democratic presidential candidates have stood on stepladders this week to peer into a migrant detention center where approximately 2,600 teenagers are being held, reports Axios' Alexi McCammond from Homestead, Fla.

What it's like to be there:

  • Activists set up the stepladders on Miami-Dade County property across the road from a building on federal property that houses 13- to 15-year-olds, hoping to catch a glimpse of and cheer on the detainees who occasionally emerge from the facility.
  • A few told Alexi that sometimes the kids — wearing bright orange hats — wave back, but only when they’re with certain guards who are more lenient.
  • Those at the site said they hope the candidates continue to talk about Homestead even when Florida doesn't have the nation's attention thanks to the first Democratic presidential debates in Miami.

People are there before and after candidates visit and the circus that follows them dies down. Many of those Alexi talked to — some still in college, some as old as 80 — said things like: "It just felt bad not doing anything about this, so I had to come."

  • 44-year-old Ali Wicks-Lim drove from Massachusetts to visit the facility with her 8- and 14-year-old daughters. "How could it be possible that it’s not OK for my children to witness what these other children are living?" she asked. "Shielding them and pretending it’s not happening will grow them into adults who don’t know enough to care."

The state of play: Today saw visits from Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, John Hickenlooper and Marianne Williamson.

  • Elizabeth Warren, Beto O'Rourke and Amy Klobuchar visited earlier this week.

What they're saying: "What the hell are they hiding?" asked Castro, who has visited several times. "We were stonewalled today by an administration and a private contractor who does not want us to see what's behind those walls."

  • "You and I paid for this place," Buttigieg told the crowd. "What is being done in that building is being done in our country and with our money. ... Let’s make sure for certain this is America’s last-ever for-profit child prison."

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Bonus: Chart du jour

Data: U.S. Treasury; Graphic: Chris Canipe/Axios

The U.S. Treasury yield curve has now been inverted for more than a month — meaning the 3-month bill is paying a higher interest rate than the 10-year note, reports Axios Markets editor Dion Rabouin.

  • Why it matters: An inversion of Treasury bond yields is a near-perfect recession indicator that economists at the Federal Reserve recently called "the best summary measure" for an economic downturn.
2. What you missed
  1. The Supreme Court agreed to hear a set of lawsuits challenging Trump's effort to end DACA. What to expect.
  2. Former President Jimmy Carter said that an investigation into the 2016 election would reveal that Trump would not have won without the help of Russian interference. What he said.
  3. Apple is moving the production of its Mac Pro desktop from the U.S. to China, reports the Wall Street Journal. Details.
  4. France broke its all-time high temperature record, hitting 45.9°C (114.6°F) as western Europe bakes in a record heat wave. By the numbers.
3. 1 fun thing

Photo: Zach Pagano/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

"What’s Cuter Than a Baby Cheetah? A Baby Cheetah With Its Puppy Pal," writes Alexis Gravely for a Wall Street Journal A-hed (subscription).

  • "Zoos regularly match cheetahs with puppies, proving that cats and dogs really can get along. Cheetahs are more timid and reclusive than other big cats, and zoos say they often thrive when paired with a compatible canine."

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