Jun 5, 2024 - Food and Drink

☕️ River City roasts: Summer sips

A plastic cup of light iced coffee with a straw.

Tastes like summer in a cup. Photo: Madalyn Mendoza/Axios

👋 Madalyn here! I'm a sucker for seasonal coffees, and CommonWealth's new peaches and cream latte was the perfect perk-up for my Monday.

Dig in: I ordered the latte iced (also available hot) with almond milk ($6.84).

  • The iced latte was a harmonious blend of rich coffee, creamy texture and sweet, fruity undertones.
  • The peach flavor added a refreshing twist, making it perfect for a summer day.

The bottom line: We'll need more of these creative refreshers as the summer heats up.


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