Jun 30, 2023 - News

Critter Corner: Eastern gray squirrel mating season

Up to 10 male squirrels might chase a female through the trees as part of their mating ritual. Photo: Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Florida public schools taught me about the Pythagorean theorem and the Industrial Revolution, but sadly, almost nothing about the plants and animals right outside our doors.

  • That's a tragedy, because there are so many cool creatures underfoot (and above our heads, and in the ocean — like these punch-throwing shrimp.)
  • I've been paying more attention to our local flora and fauna lately and figured I'd share some of the most interesting finds in this new "Critter Corner" series.
  • Please send cool pics or suggestions our way!

What's happening: I heard a huge commotion in some trees the other day: shaking branches and loud noises that sounded almost like a quack.

  • It's squirrel mating season!
  • Eastern gray squirrels, distinguishable by their white bellies, mate from June-August and again from December-February.
  • Florida also has less-common fox squirrels (with reddish bellies) and flying squirrels (both also mating now).

What we're watching: Gestation takes around 40-45 days, so look for baby squirrels around mid-August. They'll be Leos.


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