Dec 20, 2023 - News

Why wandering is good for you

Illustration of a sneaker with one straight lace, and one loopy and wavy lace.

Illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios

Instead of walking from point A to point B all the time, try wandering.

Driving the news: Colder temps and fewer daylight hours can really be a drag, not to mention the stress that comes with the holidays.

  • One potential solution is not necessarily walking with a purpose — rather, allowing yourself to wander with curiosity, and maybe get a little lost in the process.
  • The French even have a word for this: flȃneur.

Why it matters: Being a little more curious can have health benefits, including more happiness, less anxiety and stronger relationships, writes Axios' Carly Mallenbaum.

  • Walking outside and being in awe of nature can calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and depression, and make you feel more connected to a greater purpose, studies suggest.

What they're saying: "Today, everything we use centers around efficiency and productivity, and [it can reduce us] to being machines," Scott Shigeoka, a speaker and author who researches curiosity, tells Axios.

🤔 We want to know: Where in Detroit have you ended up when you let your senses guide the way? A hole-in-the-wall restaurant? A hidden landmark?

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