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6 treats to try (or run far away from) at the Colorado State Fair

Sinful snacks at the state fair. Photos: Alayna Alvarez/Axios

I'm feeling very full.

What happened: I went to my first Colorado State Fair in Pueblo and attempted to nosh on as much gluttonously greasy and downright delicious food as I could find.

  • Oof.

To make sure my stomachache doesn't go in vain, I'm sharing six snacks I snapped up, spanning the good, the bad and the ugly.

💯 Instant classic: 1/2 Passkey special ($5.50)

She may not be the prettiest, but it's what's on the inside that counts. Photo: Alayna Alvarez/Axios
  • This Italian ground sausage sandwich from Passkey On The Go, a family-owned food truck and state fair institution for 25 years, offers a nice kick and comes on a freshly baked mini loaf with tangy mustard and crisp lettuce.
  • Yes, but: The sando's a little dry without cheese — so spend that extra buck for a slice.

🔥 Biggest surprise: Elote with Flamin' Hot Cheetos dust ($8)

Yes, this will wreck your face and you will need 10,000 napkins. Photo: Alayna Alvarez/Axios
  • I doubted this Mexican street corn from Backyard BBQ would be worth the mega mess I knew it'd make, especially since I was wearing a white shirt (rookie mistake).
  • I was wrong. Every bite bursted with spicy, cheesy, limey flavor — and I would absolutely eat another, even if I'm left looking like this by the end: 👹

😵 Sweet, but deadly: Chocolate-dipped cheesecake ($7)

Desserts don't get much richer than this. Photo: Alayna Alvarez/Axios
  • This cold and creamy treat from Wagner's Carnival comes coated in a crunchy chocolate shell and is so sweet even the sugar fanatics will want to split it.
  • The bottom line: Not terrible, but I'll stick to funnel cake when it comes to desserts.

😋 Most refreshing: Cucumber-basil agua fresca ($8)

Oasis in a cup. Photo: Alayna Alvarez/Axios
  • If you need a cool respite from heavy fair food, Backyard BBQ's ice-cold cucumber agua fresca with fresh basil is just what you want — especially on a hot summer day.
  • Pro tip: For extra flavor, order your drink rimmed with chamoy and Tajín for $1 more.

🏆 Best overall: Indian fry bread taco with pork green chile ($16)

This loaded plate was surprisingly heavy (and hot) to hold. Photo: Alayna Alvarez/Axios
  • Sugars Concessions serves up traditional taco fixings — like lettuce, beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream — on crispy, fried flatbread, adding a twist to a Mexican classic.
  • Solid flavor and mix of textures — I'd order this even outside the fair.

⚰️ What did me in: A deep-fried Pueblo chile ($4)

R.I.P. to me. Photo: Alayna Alvarez/Axios
  • Pueblo's very own Giodone's Italian Bar & Grill nearly sent me to my grave with just one mega-battered and ultra-fried Pueblo green chile.
  • If you don't mind an inch of breading and two tablespoons of oil oozing from your first bite, go ahead and order a basket of five fried bad boys for only $12.

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