Aug 3, 2023 - Food and Drink

What's new on the State Fair menu

The Funky Flamingo gelato taco. Photo: Tyler Buchanan/Axios

Greasy, deep-fried, sweet, savory and spicy — a fair is only as good as its food, and with 146 vendors to choose from, you can taste it all at the Ohio State Fair.

The latest: Sixteen new items debuted this year and we tried four of them.

🔥 Flamin' Hot Cheetos Burger

Gooey cheese glues the crunchy Flamin' Hot Cheetos onto a well-sized burger patty from Dickerson & Kenna Concessions.

  • Alissa enlisted her spicy-food-loving husband to try this one. He added pickles and jalapeños and described the combination as "sweet heat."
  • $12, near the Celeste Center.
A cheeseburger with jalapenos and flamin' hot cheeto toppings.
The Flamin' Hot Cheetos burger at Dickerson & Kenna Concessions. Photo: Alissa Widman Neese/Axios

🌮 Gelato tacos

Funky Flamingo made a splashy debut with nine new dessert options.

  • Tyler tried the gelato taco, a Choco Taco on steroids.
  • The chocolate and peanut butter gelato and peanuts inside a chocolate-dipped waffle "taco" were as good as fair dessert gets, but messy. Make sure you find a steady place to enjoy it.
  • $10, near the Taste of Ohio Café.

🍋 Lemon shakeup cream puff

A tangy, fair-themed filling inside the classic Schmidt's dessert.

  • Most Central Ohioans have had a puff already, but can you ever have too many?
  • $8, Food Highway's north end.

🥤 Blue raspberry lemon shakes

No "fake" shakeups at this stand — each is made to order.

  • Prowant Specialty Company's refreshing drink perfectly hit the spot on a scorching afternoon.
  • $7 ($5 refills), near Kiddieland.

Of note: Today is $3 Thursday. Vendors will offer smaller portions of their favorites for $3.

A lemon cream puff dessert.
The lemon shakeup cream puff from Schmidt's. Photo: Alissa Widman Neese/Axios

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