May 22, 2024 - News

🤬 Your Hopkins headaches

Sign outside CLE Hopkins International Airport

Photo: Michael Francis McElroy/Getty Images

Last week, we highlighted the metastasizing horror of security lines at Hopkins and asked for your feedback.

  • With Memorial Day weekend travel ahead, your experiences painted a pretty grim picture.

Doug B.: "On May 4, we arrived at 5:00am and had to wait an hour and 50 minutes to get through the South checkpoint. We missed our flight by 5 minutes."

Sarah A.: "I flew out of Hopkins on May 8, and the line was longer than I have ever seen it, backed up all the way into check in area.

  • "The only presence of authority or employees were people selling the CLEAR service to people who didn't want to wait in line. ... It felt somewhere between opportunistic and purposeful."

Dan M.: "On Monday, the TSA Precheck line ended up being 40 minutes. The lines were so bad that it was difficult for passengers to get to the airline counters."

Matt S.: "When I have a choice, I fly out of Pittsburgh."


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