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Mailbag: Top 50 feedback letters on glow-in-dark ramen, MoRa, date ideas and single expenses

new mailbag header

new mailbag header

This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: 6-seat glow-in-the-dark ramen shop coming to Charlotte — tickets cost $100 per person for 30 minutes

“I am donating $100 to Second Harvest Food Bank in honor (horror?) of this stupidity. The same $100 these idiots want you to drop for 30 minutes of gimmicky food will provide 400 meals for our hungry neighbors in Charlotte.” – T

“Wow, this looks so cool!” – K

“I’d rather buy a 48 pack of ramen noddles at Costco for $10” – S

“People will complain about the price, but no doubt this will sell out. Rich millennials love Instagram experiences. The owners only need 378 buyers to sell out (9 nights x 7 seatings x 6 seats). Mark my words: This will sellout.” – W

“Is the guy behind Fyre Festival behind this?! “- C

“Will your poop glow in the dark later? For $100 to eat my food in 30 mins, it’s the least they could offer.” – T

In response to: Cousins Maine Lobster sells 38,000 lobster rolls in first year — adding second truck and celebrating at Sycamore

“At $16.95 per lobster roll, that’s revenue of $644,100 — just on lobster rolls alone. That’s impressive. I bet they’re doing well over $1M in sales from a mobile food truck. Good for them.” – J

In response to: 30 cool dates you’ll actually want to go on in Charlotte

“Epic fail. I love the airport overlook and I’ve had some of my best dates ever include going there. It is a really unique place that most cities don’t have. Its free, its an easy way to spend some time outside, theres stuff to look at, theres picnic tables, its kid and dog friendly, etc. I’d much rather (and have) get a picnic lunch, watch some planes, and spend some time outside while getting to have quality conversation than go to whatever overpriced trendy chain fast food restaurant is opening in a strip mall this week.” – N

“So as someone who likes both planes and photography, I spend a bit of time at the Airport Overlook. If I had a dollar for every couple I’ve seen pull up, look around, and immediately get this look on their face that says ‘this is it?’ I would never have to browse a ‘best free dates’ list for the rest of my life.” – A

“‘Take a helicopter ride’ – GTFO of here with that crap.” – M

“Kudos to you all for continuing to provide dating options for those that haven’t quit looking. I still read the articles…but I gave up on dating and I’m only in my mid 30s.” – F

In response to: Being single is expensive

“I am married with kids and can say that while yes a family is costly, it is easier to handle when you have two people contributing to the household income. Being single is without a doubt ‘more expensive’ because you have zero help making ends meet.” – J

“If you think being single is expensive, do not… do NOT.. get married and have kids.” – F

“I agree with companies being more flexible in terms of pay and time off for married employees and even more lenient to the ones with kids. And I think they should. But they also should treat single employees the same.” – T

“Single is expensive, LMAO.” – R

“Dude, being married with 3 kids and a mortgage is way more expensive.” – J

“Someone get Dion into a Food 101 class because there’s a reason all of his food is going bad. First lesson in economic and environmental sustainability – if you’re not going to eat it, don’t buy it. Secondly, bread goes in the freezer. Fridge actually speeds up the time in which the bread goes stale. Thirdly, wrap and store your meat better. You shouldn’t be getting freezer burn so quickly. Lastly, if you want to save money, stop spending so much. Dion has taken the lead in the idiot race at Axios Charlotte.” – A

In response to: Edge City, a two-story brewhouse, will be opening in MoRA this fall

“I have lived in Matthews my entire life and this location is right on the cuff of Matthews. I have never once heard of MoRA, this is not a thing.” – M

“Am I the only person who HAS heard this acronym? I had a meeting years ago with the board overseeing the construction in Matthews on Independence and they called it this.” – A

“Does that make the people that live there MoRAns?” – J

“MoRA is not a thing. You made that up.” – W

“I live near SoPa. Southpark for the unhip.” – R

“These are very cool dudes I met them at the bar one night and we hung out and I tried their beers – they were really good.” – M

“We’ve been calling it MoRa for years. Why it bothers adults is baffling.” – A

“So help me God if anyone calls Fort Mill ‘FoMi’ I’m going full Thanos on the Internet. – K

“MoRa!? Just go ahead and f*** right off.” – M

“For those who don’t live in MoRa: it is a thing.” – M

[Agenda related story: Complete list and map of Charlotte’s 30 local breweries, plus the most popular beer at each]

In response to: Inside the million dollar renovation transforming Lake Wylie’s former T-Bones into Papa Doc’s Shore Club

“Would like to see the Port City Club on Lake Norman do the same thing. There is so much potential for improvement. I mean a great Tiki bar alone would make it more fun.” – R

“Did Bottle Cap Group not research the name? Good looking out and naming the place after a truly evil leader of Haiti.” – A

“This is like Rosemont on the lake!!! Adult Capri suns, and buckets!! Yasss!” – D

“I remember it way back when I lived on Wylie and it was the Hungry Fisherman.” – P

In response to: What does $1 million get you in Charlotte’s hottest neighborhoods? 8 cool homes that just hit the market

“Charlottes real estate is so screwey, Raleigh’s actually makes sense.” – G

“Gets you a shack in Seattle.” – A

In response to: Go Inside: N.C. Red, Bruce Moffett’s new restaurant, now open in Plaza Midwood — view full menu and food photos

“Am I the only one who thinks naming a restaurant N.C. Red is a weird choice? It has such a political connotation – especially as we are approaching election season and pundits often refer to a state being red or blue (and hello GOP conference in CLT).” – A

“Charlotte’s ‘big three’ restaurant guys: Bruce Moffett, Frank Scibelli and Jim Noble. All have different styles and I find myself basically rotating between their concepts.” – J

In response to: Chipotle-style Vietnamese restaurant opening in Plaza Midwood — and it’ll have Taiyaki fish ice cream

“Awesome addition to Plaza Midwood.” – J

“A blessing has been bestowed.” – K

In response to: Go Inside: Bar Marcel, a new restaurant from the owners of Vivace, opening in SouthPark

“Need that octopus in my belly, right now.” – W

In response to: 16 things single people are tired of hearing

“I am in my middle 60’s and my friends and coworkers come onto me with the same scenario of cliques. I have been on dating sites and dating lines with something leading to nothing in the end. I do remain positive and take hints from my friends and coworkers at times. My male friends say my standards are too high. I lower my standards a little but still fall short of a successful relationship. I have talked with the folks over at Center City about bringing back the Charlotte Largest Office party that was in the early 2000’s. I believe it be better now as with all the newcomers from NY, California, Detroit. and DC. Maybe change it to Charlotte Largest Dating/Office party.” – P

In response to: Home Tour: Inside the mysterious 2,800-square-foot merchant’s loft above Dilworth Tasting Room

“What a cool spot, and I like that it’s totally unique to him. So refreshing from the gazillion other home tours of rich blonde Instagram “influencers” all having the same pink fuzzy pillows and framed inspirational quotes.” – M

“I’m in love with that kitchen – also, I’d like a dress room too plz.” – B

“I want to date this guy, right now. Actually, with his tastes and his looks, I’d marry him without meeting him. Ha!” – W

“I loved being a member of Dilworth Billiards. It felt like an exclusive club but unpretentious. Eric and the staff were always friendly.” – S

“Love the green cabinets and the rug. – G

“Well Mr. Sprouse, when you decide to leave your amazing home above Dilworth Tasting Room, I will be happy to move in with my husband and my cat! As a non-millennial myself, it was refreshing to see a stylish yet mature space with excellent art and memorabilia. I love the “spiral staircase” hanger for your jackets in that cool dressing area. You live like a boss and I dig it!” – L

In response to: 14 mid-century modern homes starting at $579,000 coming to NoDa

“I wonder how many actual mid-century modern homes were bulldozed to make these. On a related note: the affordable home debate in this city too often revolves around building new structures. But older homes make great affordable homes too. Moreover, older homes offer a much greater opportunity to grow equity for anyone willing to insert a little sweat and perhaps learn some basic carpentry skills (CPCC offers some great night/weekend classes that cover everything). Equity helps secure loans for things like cars and college and is transferable to the next generation. Every time we bulldoze an older home to build one of these vertical McMansions, what we’re also doing is reducing the amount of fixer-upper inventory and, thus, the opportunity to produce “start up” home-buyers in our community.” – B

“Who the hell is living in town homes that are over $500k? Pricing in Charlotte is going crazy and people are mortgaged up to the eyeballs to live close.” – A

“By ‘mid-century modern’, we meant that it was within walking distance of a brewery and yoga studio. You thought we meant the 1950’s? Hell no! We’re futurists, looking to the middle of THIS century.” – M

“Charlotte: we have an affordable housing problem Also Charlotte: you too can be a homeowner for the super low price of starting at $450,000!” – D

Is it just me or are these Craftsman style with some funky doors and altered rooflines (shed roofs and extended gables). Charlotte needs to learn what true modern residential architecture is, but then again if it sells they will build it. Maybe they are trying for the next trend: modern farmhouse is so 2018 … I live in a mid-modern Craftsman townhouse … Ugh” – A

In response to: The #1 spot to buy an office chair in Charlotte

“I got my Aeron chair on Craig’s for $100 and love it.” – D

“Just wanted to say, get the Aeron if you plan to be sitting a lot. They do last, so the 550 would be worth it. I’ve had the same one for 17 years. Yes, that long.”- L

“Inside scoop, I’m feeling very bullish about how a warehouse full of office equipment is going to break the internet in April 2019. You won’t believe the 7 trendy adjectives I use to describe black chairs with wheels.” – A

In response to: Opening Soon List: All 50+ restaurants, breweries and bars opening soon in Charlotte

“This is just insane. Chains and other mediocre spots will not survive. And, these places all feel new, fresh and cool. I’m thrilled as a customer.” – J

“Haha. Charlotte is going to freak out over the new Restoration Hardware restaurant and bar. It’s well designed (check out the one in NYC) and sooo Charlotte-y. As for me, I’m the most excited over Noble Smoke, I think Jim Noble can actually pull of a regional barbecue spot, he’s the real deal (see Rooster’s and King’s Kitchen).”

[Agenda related guide: 17 best new restaurants in Charlotte]

In response to: Why I’m leaving Plaza Midwood for an Uptown high-rise

“Because you have entirely too much money. Bye bye now.” – E

“Hellllll no. I want a house in the woods away from all y’all. There’s a reason why I live an hour from Charlotte.” – A

“No mention of the fact there’s way more access to Panera in Uptown … that’s the real reason.” – J

“This article should be used in colleges as an excellent example of how to write with entitlement and pretentiousness.” – J

“The Agenda needs more Dion Beary. I’ve loved everything he’s written. What a treat.” – B

“Wait wait wait… Dion says he’s leaving a home he purchased in a great neighborhood for a generic over priced high rise? That’s not being “too hipster to attach to a hipster neighborhood” – that just means that Dion bought a house out of his budget and got a hard life lesson in PMI and cost of home ownership…. Let’s be real here, Dion. Oh and just a heads up as to what’s going to come in about 5 months of paying a rent that’s 70% of your monthly income…. you can’t afford that apartment either.” – A

In response to: Carolina Panthers evaluating bunker suites, 4-person on-field boxes and members-only “Carolina Club”

“Tepper should look to Hard Rock Stadium for inspiration. As a lifelong Dolphins fan and South Florida native, the renovation completely changed it from the old, boring stadium that it used to be. There’s absolutely no need to build a new stadium.” – R

“Sounds like more for the wealthy to enjoy, while the average joe never gets to a game.” – C

“Sounds like the worst seat in the house if you want to actually watch the game. Field seats suck.” – W

In response to: Va de Vie Gelato has closed in Park Road Shopping Center – no word yet on what’s taking its place

“Sad to see this – the best gelato around made some very nice people. I hope they re-open elsewhere.” – M

“This is really a shame. They had the best Gelato in town. But, they also had the worst hours. I hope if they reopen in a new location they take into consideration that most people like to have dessert after dinner…or after a movie. They closed way too early.” – L

“This was the best gelato shop with the nicest owners. John and Wendy were always welcoming and let the kids try multiple flavors every time we visited. I remember when they opened 5 years ago. We stopped by this weekend and so sad to see they had closed. Fingers crossed they pop back up somewhere!” – A

“Park Road seems to be getting very snotty. If you hike the rent high enough, you can get any one out that you want.” – M


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