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European Union shows U.K. no Brexit mercy

Matt Dunham / AP

Thursday's general election in the U.K. has left Theresa May, her Conservative Party, and the country in political chaos as they head into Brexit negotiations with the E.U. Meanwhile, leaders of the E.U. are showing no willingness to help the U.K. by slowing down the Brexit timeframe, and said they want to push full steam ahead with exit negotiations.

Why it matters: The E.U. and its institutions have shown no mercy to the U.K. at a time when domestic political confusion means Brexit is an unwanted distraction. Talks are scheduled to start on June 19, but the U.K. government has yet to agree on a negotiating stance. And now, following the election where they failed to gain a majority mandate, the Conservatives will have to rely on the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland moving forward, as their support is essential as the country heads toward Brexit talks.