Stories by Kim Hart

FCC chief seeks to block China Mobile from operating in U.S.

China Mobile logo near 5G antenna
China Mobile 5G experience area in Shanghai, China. Photo: Wang Yadong/VCG via Getty Images.

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai is recommending, per executive branch agencies, that the FCC deny China Mobile's application to provide telecommunications services in the U.S. due to concerns about national security and law enforcement risks.

Why it matters: It's the first time executive branch agencies have recommended that the FCC deny such an application to interconnect with U.S. communications infrastructure, FCC officials said Wednesday on a call with reporters. The move represents a further escalation in the slow-building conflict between the U.S. and China over telecommunications trade.

The digital babysitter generation

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

Parents are relying more than ever on digital babysitters and device-led playtime to entertain their children — and the wide range of content is making it increasingly difficult to monitor what their kids are seeing.

Why it matters: This goes beyond the old challenges of kids watching too much TV. Modern parents struggle to keep up with the immense variety of kids programming across a multitude of apps. Plus, controlling what kids are exposed to on platforms like YouTube can feel like an unwinnable battle with algorithms.

Report: DOJ unlikely to approve T-Mobile/Sprint deal

T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Executive Director of Sprint Marcelo Claure talk before testifying to the House Judiciary Committee
T-Mobile CEO John Legere (left) and Executive Director of Sprint Marcelo Claure talk before testifying before Congress in March. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday afternoon that Justice Department officials told T-Mobile and Sprint that their proposed merger is unlikely to be approved as currently structured, citing anonymous sources.

Why it matters: The companies have said synergies from the deal would allow a faster roll-out of 5G, among other benefits. According to the WSJ, antitrust officials "questioned the companies’ arguments that the combination would produce important efficiencies for the merged firm." U.S. competition enforcers typically focus on a merger's impact on prices for consumers.