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Democrats and Republicans are divided on discrimination in the U.S.

Since 2013, Republicans and Democrats have diverged in their perception of discrimination against vulnerable groups, like women, Muslims, Jews and the LGBT community. Democrats see increasing levels of discrimination while fewer and fewer Republicans agree, according to a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute.

Data: Public Religion Research Institute survey of 4,509 U.S. adults, Nov. 12 – Dec. 18, 2013, with margin of error of ±1.7%, and survey of 2,008 U.S. adults, June 27 – July 8, 2018, with margin of error of ±2.6%; Chart: Harry Stevens/Axios

The big picture: These results emphasize how divided our nation is becoming — over the view of America as a moral leader, the reality of climate change, President Trump and political values overall.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to the organization that conducted the survey. It's name is Public Religion Research Institute.

Special report: The aging, childless future

Data: United Nations World Population Prospects 2017; Chart: Harry Stevens/since the dawn of humans — the rise and, in the last half century, explosion of the population. Axios

Since the dawn of humans, we have faced one inexorable challenge — how to support the rise and — in the last half century or so — explosion of the population. But, in a momentous reversal, that age-old challenge is changing: the population of most countries is shrinking — for many of them at an alarming pace — and at the same time aging.

Much of the world teeters on the cusp of a childless, elderly future.

Where Brett Kavanaugh sits on the ideological spectrum

Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, would have the second most conservative score (0.693) on the bench if confirmed, next to Justice Clarence Thomas (0.725), per a measure that scores judges on a liberal-conservative spectrum.

Current justices: Epstein, Martin, and Quinn, 2017 "President-Elect Trump and his Possible Justices", Kavanaugh's score: Epstein, Martin, and Quinn, 2016 "Possible Presidents and their Possible Justices"; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon, Harry Stevens/Axios

Why it matters: Kennedy often sided with the liberal wing of the court, so with this choice, Trump is cementing a solid conservative majority on the bench.