Jul 20, 2019 - Science

All the Moon landings, from Luna to Apollo to Chang'e

Data: Axios research; Graphic: Harry Stevens/Axios
Data: Axios research; Graphic: Harry Stevens/Axios

Humans have successfully landed 20 crewed and uncrewed missions on the Moon’s surface, with more to come.

The big picture: More and more nations are shooting for the Moon, with India aiming to send a lander and rover there next week.

Details: Earlier this year, Israel's Beresheet spacecraft attempted a lunar landing, but an issue with the main engine caused it to fail.

The timeline beneath the Moon shows when each landing occurred, highlighting the 37-year gap between the last Soviet mission in 1976 and the first Chinese one in 2013.

The graphic is interactive. You can spin the Moon, and you can tap on each mission’s dot — either on the Moon itself or on the timeline — to learn more.

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