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How "Grey's Anatomy" raised awareness for sex assault resources

Reproduced from Torgerson, et. al, 2019; Chart: Axios Visuals

An episode of "Grey's Anatomy" that focused attention on sexual assault and how to seek help is linked to a large jump in internet and Twitter searches on the topic and — even more importantly — greater call volume to a help hotline, per a study out Monday.

Why it matters: In America, roughly 18% of women and 1% of men experience rape, leading to long-term and sometimes severe health consequences. Only 23% of sexual assault crimes are reported. But media could — and some say should — focus more attention on available resources to encourage viewers to get the help they need, the researchers say.

Government agency warns EEE virus is an "emergent threat" in the U.S.

 Colorized electron microscope image of mosquito salivary gland tissue infected by the EEE virus
Colorized electron microscope image of mosquito salivary gland tissue infected by the EEE virus (in red). Photo: Fred Murphy, Sylvia Whitfield/CDC

Public health officials on Wednesday declared the mosquito-borne eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus to be an "emergent threat" in the U.S. after an unusually high number of cases have occurred so far this year.

Why it matters: While EEE remains rare, there are no vaccines or specific viral treatments available. The virus can attack the brain and sometimes cause death.

More Americans die from superbugs than previously estimated, CDC says

Antibiotic-resistant (AR) bacteria and fungi cause more than 2.8 million infections and 35,000 deaths annually in the U.S., according to new estimates posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a long-awaited report. But, while the overall numbers are "higher than previously estimated," the number of people dying from AR infections appears to be dropping.

The five most urgent out of 18 threats of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi pointed out in the CDC's report. Data: 2019 AR Threats Report; Images: CDC; Table: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios