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Automakers are experimenting with blockchain for AVs

A steering wheel that is split down the middle, showing lines of code in one half
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Blockchain, a nascent technology that offers highly secure digital data tracking, has caught the interest of AV companies and automakers, who are exploring how it can be used to track components in supply chains and protect valuable data.

Why it matters: More complex cars will generate more data and as blockchain technology develops, it could offer a secure way to manage that data while providing additional benefits to passengers.

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Automakers are betting on fleet services

Illustration of fleet of cars with arrow symbols above them
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Automakers are increasingly creating proprietary software that can manage car-sharing and ride-sharing fleets, the customer services involved, and customer payment.

Why it matters: Automakers want to ensure they maintain control of their relationships with consumers—and more important, the data and revenue streams that can come from it—rather than relinquishing them to Uber, Lyft and other mobility-related startups with their own transportation apps.

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AV entertainment systems could consolidate all kinds of data

A woman stands near a Bosch automatous shuttle on display at CES
The Bosch booth at CES 2019. David Becker/Getty Images

Tech and entertainment companies are rolling out infotainment concepts for AVs that could offer passengers personalized services, but require collecting data on their streaming usage, location and more.

Why it matters: The collection, analysis and distribution of technology users' data has become a massive industry. AVs could end up effectively aggregating extensive passenger information from the cars and passengers' cell phones that could then be shared with third parties — exacerbating issues around privacy and security.

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