Oct 24, 2017

Analysis: Conservative media traffic slump

Some of the biggest names in conservative digital media are seeing big traffic declines over the past year, according to comScore data pulled by Activate and Axios. On the other hand, business-centric sites, like CNBC, Business Insider, and Bloomberg are seeing big traffic bumps, per the analysis.

Note: Both IJR and the Daily Caller have challenged the analysis. IJR founder Alex Skatell tweeted that his site had cancelled its comScore subscription, while Daily Caller editor in chief Geoffrey Ingersoll said his site uses Quantcast and tweeted screenshots showing Daily Caller traffic compared to last year.

Data: Activate Tech & Media Outlook 2018 based off comScore numbers Chart: Chris Canipe / Axios

Here are the numbers provided by IJR and The Daily Caller, who use Google Analytics/Quantcast and Quantcast respectively.

  • IJR: August 2017: 15.2 million uniques, per data from Google Analytics. Last 30 days: 20.6 million uniques, per data from Quantcast.
  • Daily Caller: August 2016: 12.2 million uniques. August 2017: 11.9 million uniques

Correction: There are a number of audience measurement companies that can be used to measure website traffic, with comScore considered industry standard. Our analysis should've clarified that not all media companies chose to use comScore metrics and that the analysis we cited was pulled from a mixture of comScore and Alexa analytics analyzed by Activate in their 2018 media and tech report

.Why it matters: This illustrates the challenge brands have in sometimes determining which metrics to use in evaluating publishing partners.

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Vox Media launches new privacy-focused ad-targeting platform

Vox Media chief revenue officer Ryan Pauley. Photo: James Bareham/Vox Media

Vox Media announced Monday the launch of Forte, a new ad-targeting data platform designed to help advertisers reach Vox's monthly audience of 125 million consumers efficiently — without using shady data practices to target them.

Why it matters: It's Vox Media's first big commercial announcement since it merged with New York Media last year, and it comes amid regulatory changes and an industry reckoning around data privacy in advertising.

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Attention Capital is acquiring Girlboss

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Girlboss Rally NYC 2018

Attention Capital, the new media and technology investment firm, announced Tuesday morning that it's acquiring Girlboss, a media company geared towards female millennials that was founded by female fashion entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso.

The big picture: It's the latest example of a venture group consolidating smaller media startups or struggling legacy media brands.

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Big Tech data centers probably aren't a climate change time bomb

Data: Reproduced from an International Energy Agency report; Chart: Axios Visuals

An International Energy Agency analysis pushes back against concerns that data centers are a ticking carbon bomb as use of web-connected devices expands.

Where it stands: Power use by data centers consumes about 1% of global power (which isn't trivial in a world of still-rising emissions) and has changed little since 2015, they report.

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