Apr 25, 2024 - Business

Dye your hair... like Velveeta!

Actress Julia Fox is shown with bright gold hair.

Actress Julia Fox, best known for the 2019 film "Uncut Gems," partnered with Kraft Heinz to introduce "Velveeta Gold" hair color. Photo: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Want your hair to look cheesy? Velveeta's new hair dye mimics the hue of the highly meltable and shelf-stable cheese product.

Why it matters: The latest trend in food marketing is to come out with limited-time products that grab our attention — like an ankle holster for your Pringles.

Driving the news: Velveeta, a brand founded in 1918, has been introducing weird cheese-adjacent products in an effort to seem less stodgy.

  • A 14-karat-gold Velveeta lip cuff introduced earlier this year is meant to mimic the "drip" of melted cheese.
  • Before that came a cheese-scented nail polish called "Pinkies Out."
  • And don't forget the Velveeta Veltini, a cocktail with "Velveeta-infused vodka" and cheese dripped on the rim, which was briefly offered by the BLT Restaurant Group.

Zoom out: It's all part of a 3-year-old branding campaign called "La Dolce Velveeta" that's meant to bring younger consumers into the Velveeta fold.

  • Millennials — who are fans of what the writer Tom Wolfe once called "arty cheeses" — have eschewed bland American-style cheeses in favor of the frou-frou and artisanal.
  • "We knew we needed to dust the brand off and future-proof it for the next 100 years," Stephanie Vance, brand manager for Velveeta at Kraft Heinz, tells Axios.
  • The non-edible Velveeta Gold semi-permanent hair dye is $7.50 on Amazon while supplies last.
A tweet on X shows an ad for Velveeta nail polish.
A 2022 campaign for cheese-scented nail polish featured this post on X (then Twitter). Photo: Axios screenshot

What they're saying: "YES, I bought the CHEESE POLISH," wrote an Instagrammer who goes by GingerlyPolished.

  • "As a Velveeta expert, I will say Velveeta itself is paler and less orange than this, but I digress."
  • "These are marked as cheese-scented, and I know that's the part you're most interested in," she wrote. "There's some definite cheesiness to it. But it's also weirdly sweet and candy-like."

The bottom line: In an era when pink, green and blue hair highlights are now office-proper, try not to stare if the person in the next cubicle goes Velveeta Gold.

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