Apr 16, 2024 - Business

Finally, a Pringles holster for your Crocs

A person wearing white boots reaches for a potato chip in an ankle holster.

A Pringles collaboration with the shoe brand Crocs has produced these boots, which make the tasty chips handy. Photo courtesy of Kellanova.

Pringles has teamed up with Crocs for the ultimate snacking accessory: An ankle holster for your potato chips.

Why it matters: The global market for snack foods exploded during the pandemic and continues to grow — so food manufacturers are getting creative with tasty-and-Instagrammable novelties.

Driving the news: The "Pringles X Crocs" collab dropped a set of limited-time products on Monday, including the $100 boots, above, in both men's and women's sizes.

  • Those "Classic Crush" boots come with a mini-can of a new Pringles flavor called "Croc-tail Party" — which the company describes as "watermelon chili lime."
  • Other products in the shoe line are $70 "Classic Clogs" and $50 "Classic Slides" that come with charms called Jibbitz that can be plugged into holes on top of the shoes. (Shapes include a miniature can of Pringles.)
  • But alas: If you're reading this now, you're probably too late, and they're sold out — except for the Croc-tail Party chips.
Three sets of Crocs shoes with Pringles ornaments on them.
These Pringles X Crocs went on sale yesterday, and if you didn't snap them up already — well, you can still buy the potato chips. Photo courtesy of Kellanova.

What they're saying: "For the first time, the flavor masterminds at Pringles are entering the world of footwear with the leader in innovative casual shoes, Crocs," reads a none-too-appetizing press release from Kellanova, the snacking company spun off from Kellogg last year.

  • The "first-of-its-kind custom holster" on the white boots means that "fashionistas and snackers alike can carry their favorite crisps on their favorite shoes," according to the marketing doggerel.

Zoom out: Hot buzzwords in the snack food biz these days include "swicy" — a mashup of sweet and spicy — and "flavor shock," which involves blending unlikely combinations in a style known as chaos cooking.

Zoom in: Kellanova did a commendable job getting these ephemeral products into the hands of influencers before their release.

  • There's Ashlee Simpson and hubbie Evan Ross wearing matching Pringles boots at Coachella!

What do the Croc-Tail Party Pringles taste like? Alexander Zalben of the food news site Guilty Eats was given a sample can and said that potato and watermelon aren't a no-brainer pairing.

  • "Personally, I didn't mind these," he wrote. "As usual with Pringles eating the whole canister yielded better flavor results than a singular crisp."
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