Apr 11, 2024 - Business

Axios Finish Line: Next frontier for Axios

Illustration of a typewriter with the Axios "A" logo on the paper.

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

The New York Times Thursday morning detailed how Axios is evolving our business and journalism to better serve you in a world reshaped by artificial intelligence.

Why it matters: We believe AI will change news as dramatically as the internet did at the turn of this century.

Over the next few years, AI will displace Google search, and web and social browsing for news, with something tailored very specifically to your interests, needs and rhythms.

  • Think of it as a personal assistant to fetch your news and deliver it your way, whether you want it in bullet points or sung to you by Taylor Swift.
  • As I told The Times: We're in the middle of a very fundamental shift in how people relate to news and information as profound, if not more profound, than moving from print to digital.

The big picture: Axios will thrive with this change by fortifying four vital pillars — trust, expertise, application and meaningful, in-person human connectivity.

Finish Line readers are among the most loyal and interested. So I wanted to share how we hope to better meet your needs in coming years:

  1. Trust. This means human-created content, deep in expertise and reporting, free of opinion or bias. We aspire to make you smarter, faster on what matters.
  2. Expertise. Whiz-bang technologies will never capture the nuance and newsbreaking chops of true experts with human sourcing. We're investing heavily in journalists who produce distinctive, consequential work for you.
  3. Connection. The more AI grows, the more we need in-person connectivity around the topics most important to us. That's why we're dramatically expanding in-person and virtual events.
  4. Practical application. With change hitting so many aspects of life so fast, we need help making sense of it all so we can make better choices at work and at home. Finish Line is designed to share both uplifting ideas but also tricks and lessons to apply at work.

Help us help you: The smartest thing we did in the early formative days of Axios was soliciting your ideas for creating a trusted, healthier source of news. So please send me ideas on how we can better serve you in the years ahead, both with this column and Axios more broadly: [email protected].

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