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Powerball ticket from Oregon wins $1.3 billion jackpot

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The Powerball jackpot for April 6 was the game's fourth-largest grand prize ever. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A ticket sold in Oregon is the sole winner of the $1.326 billion Powerball jackpot, the eighth-largest U.S. lottery prize ever, Powerball officials announced Sunday.

Why it matters: It was the fourth-largest Powerball jackpot and the second time the lottery's jackpot was won this year, officials said.

The big picture: It was the 41st drawing in the jackpot run, Powerball officials said in a news release.

  • The cash lump-sum option for the April 6 drawing is $621 million, Powerball said.

Powerball drawing delayed

Driving the news: The announcement of a winner comes after Saturday's Powerball drawing was delayed nearly 3 and a half hours because "one lottery needed additional time to complete the required pre-draw procedures," officials said.

  • Officials said Saturday night that the procedures had "been enacted to protect the security and integrity of the Powerball game."

Flashback: The Powerball drawing for the world's largest-ever lottery prize of $2.04 billion was also delayed in November 2022.

Powerball winning numbers for April 6

The winning numbers in Saturday's drawing were 22, 27, 44, 52, 69 and red Powerball 9.

Was there a Powerball winner last night?

The latest: Yes, one ticket sold in Oregon won the jackpot. The Powerball drawing also produced more than 4.5 million winning tickets nationwide, officials said.

  • Seven tickets matched all five white balls to win $1 million prizes. The $1 million-winning tickets were sold in Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan and Wyoming.
  • 81 tickets that won $50,000 prizes and 26 tickets won $150,000 prizes, Powerball said.

Powerball prizes

By the numbers: Here are the prize amounts for matching numbers with and without the Powerball for all drawings:

  • Powerball: $4
  • One number and Powerball: $4
  • Two numbers and Powerball: $7
  • Three numbers: $7
  • Three numbers plus Powerball: $100
  • Four numbers: $100
  • Four numbers plus Powerball: $50,000
  • Five numbers: $1 million
  • Five numbers plus Powerball: Jackpot

Next Powerball drawing

Powerball drawings are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The next drawing is at 10:59pm ET Monday and will be broadcast live on the Powerball website and television stations across the country from the Florida Lottery draw studio in Tallahassee.

  • The April 8 jackpot is an estimated $20 million with a cash value of $9.4 million, the Powerball website said.

Powerball odds

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.

  • The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 24.9.

Yes, but: The odds of being struck by lightning in a year are less than one in a million, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How to play Powerball game

State of play: Lottery players can pick six numbers from two separate pools of numbers — five different numbers from 1 to 69 (the white balls) and one number from 1 to 26 for the red Powerball.

  • "Quick Pick" or "Easy Pick" tickets can also be purchased where numbers are selected automatically.

Powerball ticket price and Power Play

Powerball tickets are $2 per play but for an extra $1 per play you can add the Power Play feature to "multiply non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times."

  • The multiplier number is randomly selected just before each drawing.
  • The Match 5 prize with Power Play is always $2 million, Powerball said.
  • The 10X multiplier is only in play when the advertised jackpot annuity is $150 million or less, according to the lottery.

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