Mar 4, 2024 - Economy

Charted: "Dune 2" dominates box office

Data: Box Office Mojo; Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: Box Office Mojo; Chart: Axios Visuals

"Dune: Part Two" swallowed box office receipts over the weekend.

Why it matters: The movie was made for the biggest and most lucrative of the silver screens.

  • Nearly half of the $81.5 million domestic box office sales came from large formats including IMAX 70mm, IMAX Digital and Dolby Cinema.
  • IMAX made up around 23% of sales specifically.

For context, the domestic box office brought in less than $900 million in January and February — down nearly 18% from a year ago.

  • Between the lines: "Dune 2" made nearly 10% of all domestic box office sales in a weekend.

🍿My thought bubble: This film is all about the visuals. That's clear from the box office numbers. As for the storyline, I sat there the entire time imagining how Christopher Nolan would have told it.

  • I also ran out of water, making me feel like I sat through a nearly three-hour editorial fashion shoot in the desert.
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