Mar 1, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Scoop: Pro-Trump radio spots aim for Black voters in swing states

Trump is seen through barbed wire at the border in Eagle Pass, Texas, yesterday, as seen from Piedras Negras, Mexico

Trump at the border in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Thursday, as seen from Piedras Negras, Mexico. Photo: Go Nakamura/Reuters

MAGA Inc., the main super PAC backing former President Trump, will go on the radio waves in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan on Monday with a three-week campaign aimed at Black voters.

Why it matters: The Trump campaign and its allies see vulnerabilities for President Biden with Black and Hispanic male voters.

  • Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again Inc., tells Axios: "This is a first step in a sustained effort to reach every voter, in every corner in America. ... [V]oters who traditionally vote Democrat are switching their support to Trump because they want a secure border, growing economy, and safe communities."

"President Trump will protect our daughters' sports teams," a narrator who is African American, according to the super PAC, says in the minute-long ad.

  • "Trump will declare war on the cartels and stop the flood of drugs and crime into our communities. President Trump — delivered for us before and he'll do it again."

By the numbers: The ad runs March 4 to 31. The buy totals $380,000 (Georgia $179,000, Pennsylvania $116,000 and Michigan $85,000).

Reality check: Trump remarks to Black leaders in South Carolina last week, where he suggested his mugshot has helped his outreach, were criticized by the White House as "divisive ... repugnant."

In response to the new ad, Michael Tyler, communications director for Biden-Harris 2024, told Axios:

  • "There's a reason they waited until Black History Month was over to run this: The only thing Donald Trump did for Black people was lose to Joe Biden in 2020. But it's kind of them to double down on his losing record by running ads that insult both our intelligence and our sense of decency."

Hear the ad, "Our Communities."

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