Jan 15, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Photos: Iowa voters show up to caucus in frigid temperatures

John Masolini of Des Moines, Iowa, sports an eclectic outfit as he prepares to support former President Trump on Monday. Donald Trump Jr. signed his Trump button earlier in Ankeny. Photo: Linh Ta/Axios

Iowa voters braved frigid temperatures across the state to gather for the 2024 GOP presidential caucuses.

The big picture: Donald Trump was projected the winner by the AP about 30 minutes after caucusing began, and the fight for second place between Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis continued.

By the numbers: There were more than 1,600 Republican caucus sites in Iowa this year, per NPR.

Volunteers at Franklin Jr. High Event Center in Des Moines count handwritten ballots around 7:45pm CT, after Donald Trump had been projected the winner of the race. Volunteers representing Trump, Haley and DeSantis watch. Photo: Linh Ta/Axios
Voters file into the Horizon Events Center in Clive, Iowa, where organizers try to get voters seated by precinct. Photo: Sophia Cai/Axios
Vivek Ramaswamy greets a first-time caucusgoer and her family in Clive, Iowa. Family members told Axios they like Ramaswamy a lot but think Ron DeSantis is a more viable candidate. Photo: Sophia Cai/Axios
While not a voter, Ziv Gedzelman of NYC, 15, says he flew to Des Moines to volunteer for Nikki Haley. He says he's become interested in politics and wanted to come to Iowa where it's a "different environment" and more conservative. Photo: Linh Ta/Axios
Kevin Yearington of Des Moines says this is his first time caucusing, and he is volunteering as a caucus captain for Trump. His primary reasons for supporting the former president are getting the economy "back on track," lowering gas prices and securing the border. Photo: Linh Ta/Axios
Supporters of Nikki Haley gather at Franklin Jr. High in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo: Linh Ta/Axios
At the Sheraton Hotel in West Des Moines, Ron DeSantis supporters poured into his caucus party, many saying it's unfair the AP called the election for Trump so early. Photo: Linh Ta/Axios

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