Jan 1, 2024 - Business

Groovy weddings, jazz and grandpacore: What will be trendy in 2024

Illustration of a disco ball, vinyl record, sweater, bow, badminton shuttlecock and boxing gloves.

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

Grab your cardigans, take out your boxing gloves and get your disco on — 2024 has loads of new trends in store, according to a Pinterest predictions report.

Why it matters: With a new year comes new fads and fascinations, and this year's emerging trends in music, fashion, sports and hobbies have something in store for each generation.

What's happening: Pinterest, which has 482 million users, analyzes billions of searches on its website and uses machine-learning-backed predictive methodology to identify patterns and predict the trends in its annual report.

  • "Over the past four years, 80% of our predicted trends came true," the image-sharing and social media site said.

Groovy weddings

1970s-inspired nuptials will likely take the wedding industry by storm next year, Pinterest predicts.

  • "From disco decor to bohemian bachelorettes, boomers and millennials are behind this retro-inspired return to the dance floor," the report states.
  • Searches for "Groovy wedding" rose 170%, and "Retro wedding theme" searches were up 80%.

Jazz revival among millennials and Gen Z

Millennials and Gen Zers will trade in their electronic beats for more retro tunes, including vintage jazz.

  • Jazz-inspired outfits, dimly lit venues and lo-fi looks will be on the rise along with the tunes, according to Pinterest search trends.

Bows on bows on bows

Bows have already flooded TikTok this winter, popping up on everything from Christmas trees to holiday hairdos.

  • Millennials and Gen Z will likely continue to adorn their outfits, shoes, hair and jewelry with the accessory.

"Eclectic Grandpa"

Gen Z and boomers will embrace "grandpacore" fashion in 2024, aka "grandpa style," searches for which were up 60%. Think chic cardigans — and go raid grandpa's wardrobe.

  • Eclectic style will make appearances in their wardrobes, along with retro streetwear.
  • Customized clothing will also be trendy, as "customised denim jacket" searches were up a whopping 355%.

Smitten with badminton

2024 will be a racket — or you'll need one anyway.

  • Gen Z and millennials are searching for everything from "badminton outfit" to "playing badminton aesthetic."

Knockout workouts

Searches for mixed martial arts training and shadowboxing workouts were also on the rise.

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