Dec 5, 2023 - Technology

ChatGPT was Wikipedia's most viewed article of 2023

Data: Wikimedia Foundation. Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: Wikimedia Foundation. Chart: Axios Visuals

When people want to know what ChatGPT is, they're not asking ChatGPT — they're going to a more traditional source: Wikipedia.

Why it matters: An article describing the AI system was the most popular topic on the online encyclopedia's English-language site in 2023, the Wikimedia Foundation reported Tuesday.

Driving the news: Each year, the Wikimedia Foundation releases a list of the most-viewed articles.

  • The articles that received the most traffic offer a snapshot in time and highlight the topics that piqued our interest in 2023.

By the numbers: English Wikipedia garnered over 84 billion views this year, with "ChatGPT" receiving the most page views at 49.5 million.

  • ChatGPT saw consistent levels of attention throughout the first half of the year, with its page views ranging between 100,000 and 400,000 nearly every day, according to the Wikimedia Foundation,
  • Across all of the languages Wikipedia supports, ChatGPT articles had 78 million page views.

Between the lines: The top 10 list — which includes four articles on cricket and two on Bollywood movies — points to the size and reach of India's English-speaking population.

  • Cricket made the list for the first time coming in at No. 3 with 38 million views — a 304% increase over last year — and Indian Premier League was No. 4 with 32 million views.

The intrigue: While the "Barbie" movie won the Barbenheimer battle at the box office, it received 57% fewer page views than the "Oppenheimer" film.

Zoom in: Taylor Swift was the most popular celebrity page of 2023, with roughly 19.5 million views.

  • Swift also raised the online footprint of her love interest, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, whose page received 11 million views.
  • Other most-visited celebrity pages included that of the late Matthew Perry (16.5 million) and Lisa Marie Presley (13.7 million).
  • Elon Musk also secured interest with 14 million page views.

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