Nov 7, 2023 - Technology

Figma adds more AI smarts as Adobe deal remains in limbo


Image: Figma

Design firm Figma on Tuesday announced new generative AI capabilities for FigJam, its tool for collaborative idea generation.

Why it matters: The rush to incorporate generative AI into software is in high gear, while Figma is in a state of limbo — awaiting regulatory approval for a deal to sell itself to Adobe for $20 billion.

"Obviously, we're very focused on making this deal happen, but we're not standing still and the team is running faster than ever," Figma CEO Dylan Field told Axios.

Details: Figma is using AI to help generate new ideas as well as to sort and summarize the suggestions within a FigJam document.

  • The AI features are in beta and currently free for all customers. "if we need to reevaluate that because it's used so much, that's a great problem to have," Field said.
  • Figma is using OpenAI's GPT-4 for now, but says that could change.

Between the lines: Field says many companies are essentially putting "lipstick on a pig" when it comes to using new AI features.

  • "It's like oh, yeah, like same product, but like now with AI," Field said. "For us, we really try to take a holistic view."
  • Field said the AI features being added to FigJam, as well as those coming to other products, are the result of internal work and hackathons exploring how AI could be most useful supporting the ways people already use Figma.
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