Oct 29, 2023 - Politics & Policy

Halloween weekend sees at least 11 killed in mass shootings

The U.S. saw several mass shootings during Halloween weekend alone. Photo: Philip Cheung for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Halloween weekend has left parts of the country reeling from mass shootings, which have collectively killed at least 11 people, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive.

The big picture: The U.S. continues to grapple with gun violence and just last month, the country surpassed over 500 mass shootings in 2023 alone.

Between Friday and Sunday, the Gun Violence Archive reported at least 12 mass shootings.

  • A mass shooting is defined as a shooting where at least four people were injured or killed, not including the shooter, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Here's a breakdown of some of the shootings over the weekend:

Tampa, Florida

  • Police are investigating a shooting that left two people dead and at least 18 injured in the Tampa, Florida neighborhood of Ybor City, early Sunday, Axios' Jeff Weiner reports.
  • Online videos depict a chaotic scene, with people fleeing the gunfire and officers tending to the wounded.
  • Police say they believe a fight between two groups "escalated to gunfire."

Chicago, Illinois

  • Chicago police responded to a shooting early Sunday, in which 15 people were shot, per an official statement.
  • Officials say the victims, who range from ages 26 to 53, were taken to the hospital. Two of the victims, 26 and 48 in age, are in "critical condition," according to Chicago police, who said the investigation is ongoing.
  • "Officers responding to a shots fired call in the area approached and observed an unknown male shooting into the location where a gathering was taking place," police said, adding that "the offender fled on foot and was placed into custody by responding officers a short distance away."

A separate mass shooting in Chicago on Saturday morning left four people hospitalized, one of whom is in critical condition, per CBS Chicago.

Texarkana, Texas

  • In Texarkana, Texas, three people died following a mass shooting Saturday, the Texarkana Texas Police Department said in a statement. Three others injured are recovering in the hospital.
  • The six total people who were shot range from ages 19 to 31, officials said.
  • "Apparently, this all started when a fistfight broke out between two men at the party. At some point during this fight, at least two men there pulled out rifles and started shooting," the department said.

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Officials say one person was killed in a shooting early Sunday in Indianapolis, Indiana, and nine others were injured.
  • "Upon arrival in the area, responding officers reported hearing gunshots and observed a large crowd dispersing from the scene," the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement.

Per the Gun Violence Archive, additional mass shootings in Decatur, Georgia; Cumberland, Maryland; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Dodge City, Kansas and Mansfield, Ohio, over the weekend left at least 27 injured.

  • Two people were killed in Mansfield, two in the Dodge City shootings, and one in Cumberland.

Zoom out: The mass shootings over the Halloween weekend follow shortly after the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine on Oct. 25— the deadliest mass shooting so far in 2023 — that left 18 people dead and more than a dozen injured.

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