Oct 24, 2023 - Economy

Taco Bell wins fight to free Taco Tuesday trademark

Illustration of a taco on a sound block next to a gavel and various side dishes

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

A drawn-out saga over the "Taco Tuesday" trademark is officially over: The popular phrase is now free to use in all 50 states.

Why it matters: Restaurants across the country can now use the term to promote Tuesday specials without fear of cease-and-desist letters.

Driving the news: Taco Bell announced today (a Tuesday, of course) that New Jersey-based Gregory's Restaurant and Bar has relinquished its registration of the trademark.

  • This comes months after Wyoming-based Taco John's relinquished the trademark it owned since 1989 in 49 other states in July.

Flashback: Taco Bell filed legal petitions in mid-May aiming to cancel the trademark registrations that Taco John's and Gregory's had owned.

  • Taco Bell had said the trademarks restricted restaurants nationwide from using the phrase and the company "believes 'Taco Tuesday' should belong to all who make, sell, eat and celebrate tacos."

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