Sep 5, 2023 - Economy

GE-Ipsos poll: Employees want more authentic internal communication


Image: GE

In a new GE and Ipsos poll, 40% of entry-level employees say they don't see their CEOs "walk the walk" — and the workers want more authentic internal communication.

Why it matters: Asked whether executives effectively communicate the company's values, 85% of top leaders said yes — but only 62% of junior employees agreed.

What's happening: GE and Ipsos surveyed 253 C-suite execs and 411 entry-level employees across the U.S. for the report, "From Ground Floor to Corner Office: Exploring the Leadership Mindset."

  • "[O]pen & respectful internal comms are critical to supporting staff along their leadership journey," the study finds.

Zoom in: Describing an effective leader (word cloud above), both bosses and workers pointed to trustworthiness, intelligence and innovation.

  • Employees added humility and respect.
  • Execs added vision and decision-making.

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