Aug 18, 2023 - Economy

Trending hotel amenity: Floating breakfast

Screenshot of a tweet on X that shows two people eating breakfast from floating trays in a swimming pool.

Indulgence much? A tweet on X shows guests at the Hilton Salwa resort in Qatar having pastries at their plunge pool.

Resorts in exotic locales like Bali, Qatar and the Maldives are advertising the latest in Instagrammable vacation indulgences: a picture-perfect breakfast tray that floats in your (private) swimming pool.

Why it matters: Americans are spending like crazy on post-pandemic international vacation travel — and tantalizing one-upsmanship among pricey hotels caters to our sybaritic fantasies.

Driving the news: #floatingbreakfast on Instagram is up to more than 109,000 posts, fueled by photos showing opulently laden breakfast trays — some heart-shaped — dawdling in sparking azure waters.

  • The trays are "filled with foam so they float," Condé Nast Traveler reports.
  • They're "photogenic, styled with fresh flowers and a large continental spread."

Back story: Floating breakfasts started nudging aside breakfast-in-bed a few years ago, when the pandemic made them "a socially distant dining experience that felt celebratory rather than sadly solitary," per Condé Nast Traveler.

  • Spa and Travel published a map of some hotels where you can get them globally.

Yes, but: Your eggs and coffee may be cold by the time you stop taking pictures and start to eat — that is, if you can keep your phone from getting wet.

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