Dec 8, 2022 - Economy

Amazon launches TikTok format in its app

Screenshot of man modeling clothes sold on Amazon

Screenshot: Amazon

Amazon, through its app, is leaning more on creators and the popularity of short-form video a la Tiktok, the company announced Thursday.

Details: The e-commerce giant is starting to roll out a new social feed called “Inspire,” which shows shoppers photos and quick hit videos from influencers, brands and customers.

Why it matters: Amazon is looking for new ways to invigorate sales as its core business has slowed from pandemic highs.

The intrigue: Big Tech giants including Meta and Google have all invested in social shopping features, including Instagram storefronts and YouTube live shopping, respectively, with mixed success.

Zoom out: Social platforms have become a critical starting point for online shoppers.

  • Nearly a third of consumers are learning about products through social media, according to a global National Retail Federation and IBM study published earlier this year.

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