Aug 13, 2022 - Politics & Policy

McCabe: Both parties must "tamp down" threat of violence after Trump searching

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabe presents onstage at the American Jewish University on March 14, 2019. Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said political leaders from both parties haven’t done enough to quell the potential for violence, particularly against federal law enforcement, in the aftermath of the FBI's Mar-a-Lago search.

Driving the news: The Justice Department's search of former President Trump’s property set off a fierce backlash from his supporters. Trump, his allies and some Republican officials have fanned the flames by claiming the search was politically motivated.

  • The armed man who tried to break into the FBI’s Cincinnati field office and was later killed by police after a standoff had called for violence on social media beforehand, citing his anger over the search.
  • McCabe said the incident showed the growing threat FBI employees face in carrying out their duties as the country has grown increasingly polarized. Both parties have a responsibility to alleviate that, he said.

What he’s saying: “My question for our political leadership of both sides is: Where are you?” McCabe told CNN Friday. “It’s bad enough that their own rhetoric is pushing some of these extremists in that direction. They should be out actively trying to tamp this down.”

  • “They should be making statements about responsibility, about true patriotism, no matter how they feel about whatever investigation they’re fired up about,” he continued.
  • “There’s no — absolutely no excuse for this sort of provocation to violence. And they should all be out trying to tamp this down.”

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