May 29, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Texas state senator: Delayed police response to shooting "absolutely" may have cost lives

The delayed response by law enforcement to the Uvalde mass shooting last week "absolutely" may have cost lives, Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez, who represents Uvalde, told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday.

Why it matters: Local and state law enforcement officials have come under intense criticism for their response to the shooting as details and a fuller timeline of events have emerged.

  • At least eight 911 calls were made between 12:03pm — half an hour after the gunman entered the school — and around 12:50pm, when Border Patrol agents and police finally stormed in and shot him dead.

What he's saying: "The whole thing is a shame. I'm disgusted by all of it. I understand the human condition — the notion that, you know, this other guy might have superior firepower. At the end of the day, the protocols were breached. The active shooter protocols dictate that you go in."

  • "So many things went wrong here," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said he'd met with a mother who was told by first responders her daughter likely bled out after being shot through the kidney. "In that span of 30 or 40 minutes extra, that little girl might have lived," Gutierrez said.

  • "These mistakes may have led to the passing away of these children as well."

What's new: The Justice Department announced Sunday it will conduct a review of the police response to "identify lessons learned and best practices" moving forward.

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