Mar 14, 2022 - World

UN chief: Nuclear conflict over Ukraine "within the realm of possibility"

Picture of Antonio Guterres

Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said Monday that the prospect of the nuclear conflict is "within the realm of possibility" as Russia continues its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

What he's saying: "Raising the alert of Russian nuclear forces is a bone-chilling development. The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility," Guterres said.

  • "Ukraine is on fire," Guterres added. "The country is being decimated before the eyes of the world."
  • He also called for the security of nuclear facilities in Ukraine, some of which have been attacked by Russian forces.

Guterres said that he has been in "close contact" with several countries, including China, France, Germany, India, Israel and Turkey, to discuss mediation efforts to bring an end to the war.

  • The UN chief also announced that the organization will allocate a further $40 million from its Central Emergency Response fund as humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

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