Feb 24, 2022 - World

Ukraine claims it has regained control of airport outside Kyiv

A Ukraine official claimed the country has regained control of an international airport, roughly 25 miles outside of Kyiv, after it was seized by Russian forces Thursday.

Why it matters: Russia would have a key air bridge to deliver more troops and military equipment for a potential assault on Ukraine's capital with control of Antonov International Airport.

What they're saying: CNN reporter Matthew Chance and a camera crew witnessed Russian troops delivered by helicopter defending the parameter of the airport after capturing it from Ukrainian forces.

  • Chance said the Ukrainian military was staging a counter-offensive to reclaim the airport.
  • "I am standing on the outside of the parameter of this Antonov airbase, and it has not been taken back by the Ukrainian military. It is the Russian military," he said.

The big picture: Russia launched an unprovoked invasion against Ukraine by bombarding multiple cities with missiles and artillery followed by a ground offensive into Ukraine from the north, south and east.

  • Russia's war goals are not yet known, but the U.S. and others warned in the leadup to the invasion that Russia may seek to install a pro-Russian government in Ukraine by starving our then conquering Kyiv.

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