Feb 21, 2022 - World

Ukraine warns of cyberattacks on government and agencies

Ukrainian flag displayed on a laptop screen and binary code code displayed on a screen

Photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Officials have discovered warnings that hackers plan to launch a spate of cyberattacks on Ukraine's government, banking, and defense sectors on Tuesday, Ukraine's government-run cybersecurity agency CERT-UA announced in a press release Monday.

State of play: Ukrainian authorities discovered the cyberattack warnings on a hacking forum, per Reuters.

  • One message "referred to the lease of servers to prepare new attacks on the websites of the public sector, the banking sector, and the defense sector" and indicated the attacks would interfere with websites in the .ua zone, per CERT-UA.
  • In another message on the forum, the author wrote that they would be "focusing on websites that have a direct impact on Ukraine, such as banks, government portals, and military websites.

The big picture: Deputy national security adviser for cybersecurity Anne Neuberger last Friday said that the U.S. believes Russia to be behind a series of recent cyberattacks in Ukraine.

  • Last week Ukraine accused Russia of likely being behind a cyberattack that took down the web portal of the defense ministry and disrupted banking and terminal services at large state-owned lenders, Reuters reported.

The U.S. has said it believes cyberattacks would be a key part of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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