Mar 13, 2021 - World

Myanmar security forces kill at least 6 protesters as unrest continues

Anti-coup protesters gathered in Yangon, Myanmar, on March 13.

Anti-coup protesters gathered in Yangon, Myanmar, on March 13. CAPTION

Myanmar security forces killed "numerous" protesters who participated in anti-coup demonstrations in multiple cities across the country, the United Nations announced Saturday.

Details: Security forces fired lethal ammunition into groups of demonstrators, killing at least 6 people based on reports from AP and Reuters.

  • The day's actual death toll is likely to be higher because police reportedly seized bodies of deceased protesters and others who were shot may later die from wounds, according to AP.

Context: Protesters have congregated in cities across the country for more than a month, demanding the Feb. 1 coup that ended the country's transition to democracy be reversed.

  • The military junta now running the country has repeatedly followed through on its threat to use force to maintain power.

What they're saying: Tom Andrews, U.N. human rights expert for Myanmar, said Thursday that "credible reports" indicated that security forces backed by the junta have "murdered at least 70 people."

  • Andrews added that the junta is detaining "dozens, sometimes hundreds," of people per day.

The big picture: Doctors and nurses are treating wounded protesters in makeshift clinics, as many hospitals are occupied by security forces, according to AP.

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