Dec 4, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Kellyanne Conway: It "looks like" Biden, Harris will prevail

Photo of Kellyanne Conway standing behind a podium with the words "Trump-Pence: Make America great again"

Photo: Chip Somodevilla via Getty

Kellyanne Conway, a former counselor to President Trump, said “it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail” in an interview with The 19th that aired on Friday.

Why it matters: Trump and his inner circle have so far refused to publicly acknowledge President-elect Biden won the election. Instead, they've attempted to paint the election process as fraudulent, despite states' certification of Biden's win and a lack of evidence supporting their claims.

What she’s saying: “The president wants to exhaust all of his legal avenues … and that is his right,” said Conway, who was a fierce Trump defender during her tenure at the White House.

  • “If you look at the vote totals in the Electoral College tally, it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail. I assume the electors will certify that and it will be official. We, as a nation, will move forward, because we always do, ” she added.
  • Conway pledged to work with future administrations, saying “they can count on me."
  • She also emphasized the need for a “peaceful transfer of democracy, no matter whose administration goes into whose administration.”
  • Conway left her post in August to focus on her family, but she continues to advise Trump informally, she told The 19th.

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