Nov 7, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Biden wins Pennsylvania, AP projects

Biden at a podium.

Joe Biden. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Joe Biden has won Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes, AP projects

Why it matters: The massive victory pushes Biden over the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to win the presidency.

The big picture: With Pennsylvania in hand, Biden no longer needs to win outstanding swing states like Nevada, Georgia or Arizona — a state that has been declared for Biden by the AP and Fox News, but which the Trump campaign and other networks insist is still too close to call.

  • Pennsylvania has been at the center of attention this election due to its significant number of mail-in ballots, which officials were not allowed to start counting until Election Day. Trump won the state by less than a point in 2016.
  • On Wednesday morning, Trump had a lead of over 11% in Pennsylvania thanks to the strong turnout of his supporters during in-person voting. Over the next 36 hours, that lead narrowed bit by bit, as mail-in ballots overwhelmingly favoring Biden continued to be reported.

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