Nov 2, 2020 - Technology

Facebook to rely on election results from 6 news outlets, AP, Reuters


Facebook said Monday it would be relying on consensus results from the National Election Pool/Edison via Reuters, the Associated Press, and six independent decision desks at major media outlets to determine when a presidential winner is projected.

Why it matters: Facebook is expanding the pool of sources it will use to enforce its policies around false claims of victory and other post-election misinformation. The company had already said it would add a label to any premature victory announcements, directing people to the official results from Reuters and the National Election Pool.

The company didn't immediately respond to a question about which six decision desks it is relying on.

The big picture: The news came hours after Twitter said it would be doing something similar.

  • Twitter is relying on ABC News, AP, CNN, CBS News, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News and NBC News.
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